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iloveroadtrips's Journal

a good reason to start liking truck stop food.
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this is a community for anyone with a desire to see new places, meet new people, walk on different streets, get lost in the wrong parts of new towns, make friends, lose your worries, eat bad gas station food, sleep on strangers floors, push your car to the gas station 15 miles down the road, get lost in nebraska.

this is for you kids who everytime you see a greyhound bus you wish you were on it.. you dont even care where its going. this is for those of us and who love seeing the pictures of different states on the side of u-haul trucks.. and add another state to visit on that checklist in the back of your head...

this community is for YOU.

  • Feel free to post your road trip plans, maybe someone else wants to head the way your going as well, and you can meet up and split gas, save money, save gas. everyone wins.
  • If you have space on your living room floor and wouldnt mind having a few crazy traveling indiekids snoring in it, post and let people know where you live.. and to get in touch if they need a place to stay for nite..
  • If you wouldnt mind feeding a few people on their way through your town, post and let everyone know.
  • If you know your town inside out and backwards, post and tell people about it.. even if you dont but would want to act as a tour guide for the day, speak up and let everyone know how much your town kicks ass.
  • Let people know what there is to do in your town, places to see, places to eat, local hang outs, upcoming shows so people can maybe plan their trips around it etc..
  • even if no one has posted that they are going to be headed to a certain place and when, feel free to post places you would like to go, and when you would like to go.. you might just inspire someone to go too.. and you can go together.

    this community has the potential to be something AMAZING. you can make friends that will last forever, learn cool things about different places, get inspired to visit different places, look forward to meeting that one kid who you love reading their quirky posts everyday, save money and travel together, offer your couch to anyone traveling through your town.. this can be awesome!

    this community was created and maintained by sheisfaithless. feel free to email me with any ideas, comments, directions to anywhere in SLC, or even if you need a place to stay in utah.