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16 Springfields

Hi Everyone!

I've been a member of this group for a long while, and right now I'm in the middle of a week and a half long roadtrip that I'd like to share with you all. We're traveling from Omaha to New Hampshire visiting Springfields.

Which? All of them. Well, not really, but 16 different Springfields in 16 different US states in 9 days is still pretty good. Though we originally planned it purely as a pleasure trip, it has blossomed into something much more exciting. We are raising money for research for neuroblastoma  which is a rare and deadly childhood cancer affecting 600 more children each year. (The story of how this trip was planned.)

Our  website documents our journey, and we've been blogging about it daily, with updates from the road. You all should check out Also, we set up a facebook group and already have 178 members! If everyone can give just $10 to our cause, we will be able to raise enough money to really and truly make a difference in these children’s lives.

Feel free to follow along on our trip - it's been an amazing journey so far!

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