tearinyourhand3 (tearinyourhand3) wrote in iloveroadtrips,

maine trip!

my boyfriend and i are planning a week long trip to acadia national park. we spent a long weekend in portland last october and loooooved it, so we are heading further north (and east!) for another road trip. i am the obssessive vacation planner, and i always believe in asking the locals. so if any of you are familiar with the area in and around bar harbor, acadia, etc, give me your tips!

we will be going for 5 days the last week of june. we are planning on staying at an inexpensive motel. i've been doing research on the robbins motel and the belle isle motel. as far as food goes, we plan on hiking/biking (is rollerblading allowed?) the park, so will probably be packing our breakfast and lunch from food purchased once we get up there. for dinner, we have a thing for brewpubs and local beer, so we will be saving our food budget for those nights.

thanks!!!! :)
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