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Syracuse to Miami!

Hey Everyone,

Starting tomorrow i'll be embarking on my first real MAJOR road trip. I've had a few trips in and around Florida and I've taken busses from one state to another, but never anything of this magnitude. We'll be on a pretty limited schedule (we fly in to Syracuse tomorrow and need to be back in Miami by next week Wednesday or Thursday). The reason we're going up is to pick up my brother's boyfriend who is just now getting out of the army after serving for 4 years in Iraq. Anyway... here's what the itinerary is looking like thus far:

Fly to Syracuse
Drive to Fort Drum (Army Base)
Drive to Teaneck, NJ (where we'll be staying, it's my bf's uncle's house)

Hang out in NYC and Jersey

Hang out in NYC and Jersey

Early morning drive out of NJ
Possible stop over in Philly and/or DC

Depends where we are, eventually drive down to Athens, GA (visit bf's other brother)

Hang out in Athens

Drive down to Miami

Personally, I would love a short stop in Philly because i've never been. Any suggestions for something essential to do while there? We'll be driving 1-95 all the way down so is there any way of not veering too far from the highway? We also want to go to DC (specifically, they want to go to see the Colbert portrait in the National Portrait Gallery as amusing as that sounds.) Suggestions for ways of getting in to DC from 1-95 also appreciated.

Suggestions of things to do in NYC/Jersey/Athens are also appreciated.

Also, advice for driving for long periods of time in a small 4 door car are very welcome. I'm a vegetarian, so ideas for good portable snacks is also ideal. Random things to see off of I-95 are also ideas i'd appreciate.

Thanks to everyone in advance! Pictures to come after the trip (if we survive)!

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